Thursday, January 12, 2006


The Concretes have released details of a new single preceding a new album. Called 'Chosen One' it's out on February 27th. A week later the album 'In Colour' drops hits the streets is in the racks gets released.

It's well worth visiting their website as they have loads of interesting downloads of songs, videos and interesting animations and stuff. And pictures of them birds from out of The Concretes. Phwoar!


This settlement has been reached in the Sony BMG vs The Music Listening World spyware/malicious content copy protected CDs case (as it's surely technically known).

Now, forgive me, but isn't that just one huge slapped wrist? Especially when you take into account that users can forego the cash refund and get 'more downloads'? More digital copies? Costing Sony what? Precisely nothing?

Is there any proviso to ensure that Sony BMG make it known that this is available to those whose computers they put at risk? What if you're a computer user who *isn't* connected to the internet? What good are your free downloads to you then? I could keep going. Oh, I will...

Exactly what system are they providing to access your downloads? Do you have to register with them? 'Cos given their recent dodgy history of having a quick shufty around your computing activities I'd say that handing over any information to them was less than wise.

Presumably, if they ever catch up with my P2P activites I can just offer the bands in question the money I've theoretically saved and offer them a quick root 'round my MP3 collection?

So, yes, a settlement that probably goes into millions that they'll likely be insured against anyway. Truly, it's a victory for the man in the street...
Sony BMG : They'll think twice
after a telling off like that.

UPDATE : You might want to have a look at this 'Letter To Our Valued Customers', mind you. Though of more use might be this 'list of infected titles'. About which, it occurs to me - will the copies of those albums with the XCP copy protection on them now become collecter's items? Shall I go and play merry hell with them? Shall I? Shall I?

UPDATED UPDATE : Admittedly, perhaps I should have looked through everything before I vented my spleen, but I really wanted to catch my disgust in full flow. Go here to see the mechanics of their exchange programme. It's interesting, cos I see that you *don't* in fact have to register for your downloads as they'll send you a link to the MP3s. Can anyone see what's going to happen with that? If you *are* one of the poor unfortunates that

1. Purchased any of the CDs in that list and
2. Subsequently had it nearly fuck your computer for you:

DO feel free to post the links to those MP3s in the comments section here.*

Most interesting is the fact that 'Life' by Ricky Martin and 'Days in Memphis' by Peter Gallagher contain the copy protection warning, but not the actual rogue software. You can exchange those for a copy without the lazy, overlooked-the-details-of-it packaging. You really should. If you've got more than one CD in that list - I recommend sending them individually, at Sony's expense. You can take them to a UPS store OR have UPS come and pick them up from your house. Which option do you think I implore you to use?

* - as I've previously established, it's the kiss of death for any suggestion I ever make on here that even remotely involves the 'comments section'.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Thanks go to Pauly for this. Should you be quite, quite insane you can bid on Jay Kay from Jamiroquai's Segway.

Well, he used it once anyway, and they have had the good humour to put this picture up

Which is annoying, 'cos it stops me from doing this:
A Segway! : With A Hat On!
Oh, Whatever Next?


The Ordinary Boys' sales have gone through the roof since that bloke went into that place with them people on telly. Well, they've emerged from down beneath the floorboards, at the very least.

While we're on the subject, isn't it reckless of them to equip the Celebrity Big Brother house with a pool in the garden, y'know - considering who's in there? C'mon - don't make me make jokes about 'Today's Big Brother Extinction'...

It seems that the sales for 'Brassbound' have increased tenfold. Which is fair enough, but I want cold hard figures, otherwise I can simply do this...

10 x 3 = 30

...and look all clever.

By contrast, Goldie Lookin' Chain's sales have increased fourfold, so I can only assume that loads of potential new fans got as far as the doors of their local HMV and thought 'actually, that joke's wearing a bit thin now...' like everyone in the normal world did shortly before Goldie Lookin' Chain actually formed.
Preston & Jodie : Go on, son...
against some bins.


David Ford, Meandervent and Lucy Day are to be found singing for their lives at The Victoria Inn (meet at 1900 hours sharp by the sewer grate at the back of the council house. All attendees shall be administered with a balaclava and must hand over their mobile phones until the success of the mission is assured. Former Marines and outlawed members of the A-Team will guide all present through an underground maze of shitty tunnels leading to the upstairs toilet of the venue itself. Due to time constraints minors in attendance shall be required to climb out through the taps in the sink. Waterproofs recommended) in Derby tonight. £4 advance/presumably more on the door.

I don't know what David Ford is like (I've heard him and not a single aspect of it has remained in my memory) but the picture on the poster has him playing harmonica, so let's assume there's an acoustic guitar in tow, shall we? That name - ominously close to David Gray, innit? So - Bob Dylan copyist missing by a country mile, then. Hang on, I don't even like Bob Dylan, so - Woody Guthrie copyist missing by an even wider margin than Bob Dylan.

Meandervent sound like (according to another poster) 'piano genius like PJ Harvey', which is unfortunate for PJ Harvey 'cos as a rule she sticks to guitar. What I think they mean is 'piano genius. Sounds like PJ Harvey', which probably ignores quite a lot of other influences. Tori Amos is one, as is Big Gay Rufus.

Lucy Day's blurb says 'Hey there, I am a girl from Derbyshire who picked up an acoustic guitar around four years ago and hasn't put it down yet'. Must make loads of stuff impractical that. Like showering, unless she...
DAY : The Vic, Tonight.