Sunday, February 11, 2007


Considering the relatively short time that we've inhabited Earth a surprisingly early contender for the title of Worst Idea In Human History is the It Should Have Been Number One project.

Now that singles don't have to have a physical (CD/Vinyl/Edison Cylinder) release to count in the charts, these people are taking the opportunity to rig them by getting behind songs that were robbed of their 'rightful' place at the top of the pop charts first time around. With me so far? Good good...

The *main* problem is that the FIRST song that they deem worthy of this treatment is Roll With It by Oasis. Yes. Now relax, cos I have a cunnning plan - and it's just asking for it...

Go here and download Country House by Blur.

Roll With It : It Means
Nothing Tooo Meeeee