Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Many thanks to Steve Domino for pointing out in the comments of the next post down that some new (at least, new to me) MP3s of Television Personalities songs from the forthcoming album My Dark Places have surfaced on Teaching the Indie Kids To Dance Again MP3 blog. Do also take a look at Steve and the other Johnny Domino chaps' superfine Domino Rally MP3 Blog.

Of the two songs 'She Can Stop Traffic' is notably the poppier (a triumph, considering), veering somewhere towards the previously uncharted territory of mantra/playground taunt crossover while 'Ex-Girlfriend Club' might just seem familiar somehow, if a little more harrowing than you remembered it. That said, Daniel Treacy's ready wit is present, as ever, "Don't be fooled by the rocks - I'm still Danny from the block" indeed...


Over at the Domino Records website they're modestly congratulating themselves on The Arctic Monkeys 2nd consecutive UK number one single, when what they SHOULD be doing is chomping at the bit ready to make sure that every set of functioning ears in the world gets to hear the new Television Personalities single that's due in two weeks time. Regardless of whether it's released on 7" vinyl only or not.

It seems that the good folks of the TVPs yahoo group have coped with the anticipation by ALL AT ONCE putting their own bands on MySpace. Now, no offence to them, as they're all simply charming people but this has raised the overall average age of MySpace participants to something like 185 years old. Christ, *I'm* old but I'm still in nappies over in TVP/Yahoo world. Mind you, that's just my own predilection.

So expect gradually to be seeing far fewer pictures on there of him:
and far more pictures of him:

But that's not my point. My point is that you can go and look and listen to them all, 'cos I'm going to do you a massive list jus' down here, like.

The TVPs themselves
(now with songs up. Really good ones at that. You lucky people).

TVP Members past and present:
The Ghosts
Edward Ball
The Times
Teenage Filmstars
Love Corporation
O Level
Graeme W
The Projects

TVP Yahoo Group Folks' Bands
The Container Drivers
Four Volts
Sixty Nine and the Continuous People
The June Brides
Foaming Beauties
The Void
The Catalysts

And just 'cos I didn't want to feel all left out I decided to shamelessly start a music account just to put one song up for the moment at
The Gazthatch Experience

Which ties in nicely - 'cos that song of mine went on Anti-War Robb's Anti-War album that he put together before they didn't listen and the last war broke out (US Oil, not Second World). I've been meaning for ages to point out that you can download the whole thing in it's entirety (artwork an' all) for nothing nowadays by going here. However, you'll find out more about it and see what else the U Rule people are giving away for nuffink on this page.

Phew, all a bit long-winded, weren't it?