Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Even though it's still a beta version, Google Video is pretty good for finding music videos/footage on.

I'll be honest, I only really found this out cos there's next to no porn on there.

Let's try the obvious and see what it gives us:
The Beatles
Good, let's try the NEXT biggest band of all time. Shut up:
The Ramones
Probably time to drag ourselves kicking and screaming into this century:
Rilo Kiley
How about them lot what give us the best album of 2004 last year?:
The Arcade Fire
And him that we must thank daily for bringing them to our attention:
What have Lou 'Chuckles' Reed and his merry crew got on there?:
The Velvet Underground

Actually, with that last one you'll find clips of a band seemingly called Phoneless (yeeees... I'm guessing they're European. Well, I say European - I mean French). I only realised that it wasn't the real Velvets when I noticed that they had even less of a drummer than Moe Tucker.

Still, make the most of it before every clip you view is infected with code that redirects your browser to pages trying to flog you pills for your cock.

* - Well, you do if you're Pauly. Ages ago I told you that this was what Google would invent next. You disagreed, asking how it would recognise the content of the video clips. OBVIOUSLY the answer to that was "the same way it does with Google Images", but I got confused and wary cos you invented the internet or something.


All of them are DEAD but have absolute fucking lunatics who believe them to be alive somewhere in the world.

I don't know why I mention it...

Anyway, once again it's the anniversary of the disappearance of Richey Edwards, the Manic Street Preachers' not-plugged-in guitar hero.

His vanishing act is a complete mystery. The last anyone can remember seeing him he was dumping his car at that service station right next to the Severn Bridge. Have you ever been to the Severn Bridge? It's an impressive sight, and that expanse of water underneath it washes straight out to the sea. Honestly, if you slipped off that - you'd be a goner.

Sorry, I digress. I'm always doing that. Where was I? Yeah, Richey Edwards. Dropped his car off by that fancy log flume, didn't have a lot of money or his passport on him. No-one's seen him since. Where could he have got to? Show yourself Richey! Come on you tinker! At least get in touch with your mam - she's got your tea on!

Nope, it's no good, no good at all. We're going to need Scooby Doo for this one. "Hello, Fred? You're in the Mystery Machine? Oh, that's good. Look - are you anywhere near the M48? Good..."
Rikes! He's Read! Heeeeheee-

Of course, you can always go here if you believe I'm being a tad harsh...