Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Many thanks to Steve Domino for pointing out in the comments of the next post down that some new (at least, new to me) MP3s of Television Personalities songs from the forthcoming album My Dark Places have surfaced on Teaching the Indie Kids To Dance Again MP3 blog. Do also take a look at Steve and the other Johnny Domino chaps' superfine Domino Rally MP3 Blog.

Of the two songs 'She Can Stop Traffic' is notably the poppier (a triumph, considering), veering somewhere towards the previously uncharted territory of mantra/playground taunt crossover while 'Ex-Girlfriend Club' might just seem familiar somehow, if a little more harrowing than you remembered it. That said, Daniel Treacy's ready wit is present, as ever, "Don't be fooled by the rocks - I'm still Danny from the block" indeed...


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