Wednesday, January 18, 2006


On the subject of when The Smiths were little (below), in the process of winding some metal kidz up today I inadvertantly found the MySpace home of one James Maker.

Who, I type that I can imagine you asking? He was the original go-go dancer for The Smiths until everybody involved pointed out that they really didn't need a go-go dancer/Morrissey decided that there wasn't enough attention to go round sharing it.*

He went on to sing in the band Raymonde and as I've been webstalking the man today, I've discovered that you can buy a couple of their old singles on eBay, or at least you could at the time of me smashing my hands about on this keyboard.

After that, he decided to have a crack at LA-style metal in what was at the time, as far as I'm aware, the first all gay heavy metal band. Legend has it that the people who signed them to EMI Records (only for Mr Maker & co to later reveal their sexual orientation) were so livid at being presented with the problem of marketing a gay rock band to what was then considered (despite the age-old homoeroticism of heavy metal) a very macho/straight audience that they washed their hands of the act. To the point that RPLA were banned from even entering the EMI building.

Oh his MySpace page are demos from 2000. There are four songs up there for you to tilt your ears towards.

Nowadays he goes under the moniker 'James Maker and Noko 440' and states his genre as pop/ambient. Newer material will see release soon either on iTunes or on that quaint old CD format that people used to go crazy for.

You might think that the picture below is amusing with it's 99p sticker, but you try finding a picture of RPLA, let alone one of The Smiths onstage with their go-go dancer on Google images...
RPLA : I see no reason why Saxon
fans wouldn't lap it up.

Shortly after my regrettable bout of recollecting it occured to me that I probably ought to write a book containing all of the old trivia that I know and save putting you, dear reader (singular) through it.

* - Delete according to which story you believe.


Anonymous rachel t williams said...

Hiya, well I find myself remembering Kerrang enjoying "Red Patent Leather Angels" at some point. I remember some good reviews of them at the time. Although I'm not sure if that was before they came out or not...

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