Friday, January 06, 2006


Bewilderment and speculation run rife on the Television Personalities yahoo group. It's been discovered that in the current Italian issue of Vanity Fair magazine there's a list of Robbie Williams' 10 favourite songs. Not unusual in itself, except at number two sits 'Geoffrey Ingram' by The TVPs. The cynic in me assumes that he's had help with it from his publicists to give off just the right impression, but The TVPs? At number two? WHY?

To give it some context, here's the list in full

1) Jay-Z: 'Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)'
2) Television Personalities: 'Geoffrey Ingram'
3) Glen Campbell: 'Wichita Lineman'
4) Dream Academy: 'Life in a Northern Town'
5) Marianne Faithfull: 'Why'dYa Do It?'
6) Lewis Taylor: 'Lovelight'
7) Man Parrish: 'Boogie Down Bronx'
8) Scott Walker: 'Jackie'
9) McAlmont & Butler: 'Yes'
10) Electronic: 'Get The Message'

Robbie Williams is quoted as saying of his choice (translated from Italian) "Because I want to be like Geoffrey".

Daniel Treacy (TVPs man), by contrast, says this "yeah...i would like to know robbies other top 9!
what a hoot if he records one of my songs... i have a new one he might like. one decent cover and i will be made for life... not have to hang around with you lot anymore.

no more indie anymore... (stranglers)"

Is it any wonder that his fanbase is quite so loyal?
TVPs : Three Wishes. 'Geoffrey
Ingram' is on the B-side of that! Oh,
if you see a copy - get it. They're worth loads.

(Thanks to Filippo Dulio for, well, all of the information and for being Italian in the first place. Go look at his popfloor website, as it's aces).