Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Once Derby based, but now scattered-all-over-the-place-studying clog-gazers My Psychoanalyst have been back into the studio to record what is, by anyone's reckoning, a blistering new tune called 'Arseholes Are Honest' (just titled 'Honest' on their MySpace page here).

Sounding like the mini-pops in an unfortunate Vodka-Hooch-and-feeling-up-incident with My Bloody Valentine and The Pale Saints it harks back to the time when the latter two weren't afraid to kick the living shit out of their material. So, when they were good then, eh?

It's by a long chalk the best thing I've heard locally, nationally or indeed internationally for quite some time. I'd witter on here along the lines of it being interplanetary, and then make some reference to the guitars sounding as though they blitz across the cosmos but sadly, I don't work for IPC Media. Shame.

For a three-piece they make an almighty noise, and more importantly, have cheered me up considerably today. And that's what really counts.

Also on their MySpace page you'll find the older recordings of 'Cinderella' and 'Nobody Needs Us', both of which are only slightly less fantastic.

Now for photos with amusing captions, which obviously aren't really going to be of the right band.
My Psychoanalyst : The Sight of Who?
My Psychoanalyst : (l-r) Cal, Mach, Cal, Tom
My Pale Valentine : Collapsed on some indie grass
'cos they're too frail and tired.


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