Saturday, December 10, 2005


Slow day? What was I thinking? I just had to wait for long enough...

Phil Wilson has just emailed this to the TVPs list:

"Dear All,

Sorry for this potential spammimng, but I think some
of you may be interested.

To celebrate the recent Cherry Red re-release, the
June Brides are doing a one-off accoustic gig in
London on 4 January at the Ivy House pub in

Only doing 8 or 10 songs, two accoustic guitars,
trumpet and viola. So not the full-on June Brides
experience. But it could be fun.

Feel free to contact me if you want any details.



Phil Wilson------------------------
-The June Brides website is at"

Blimey, so not a June Brides reformation proper, nor a full June Brides gig as such, but i'm able to go wa-hey! The June Brides are BACK! And that's enough for me.

And I couldn't let it pass without at least pointing you in the direction of an mp3 of 'Every Conversation', 'cept that I could, cos I could only find a clip of it, but go here to whet your appetite.

That's the song of which Bobby Gillespie said "I care about music and what really fucking annoys me is seeing so many people viewing music solely as a business venture. It cripples talent and I'll give you an example that proves it. If the June Brides' single "Every Conversation" was produced properly and put out on a major and plugged, it would be number one, because that record is a classic pop song! It's a sin when a record like that sells 700 copies. What sort of fucking state of affairs is it when talent like that is totally ignored? That's not whining. That's the music business."

My money's on him having said that when Primal Scream still used 12-string guitars, though.


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