Thursday, December 15, 2005


It's peculiar, it's begining to seem that whenever I think about a band that I haven't yet had the excuse to report on the activites of, it turns out that a couple of days later I'll discover something new that they've done, and before you know it I'm struggling to find an amusing caption for their picture.

Thus, I've become aware of this MP3 of The Concretes covering The Rolling Stones' sell-out disco classic 'Miss You'. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't scream 'four-on-the-floor' at you.

It seems that my new-found and, frankly fairly useless psychic powers don't extend to me using them for destructive reasons. I've been wandering the streets in a trance-like state since my discovery focusing on the thought 'It's funny, I haven't yet had the chance to write about how u2 have split up, and Bono has been hit by a bus straight after leaving the meeting to disolve their business partnership'. So, I'm guessing that the whole me buying a cape and announcing my intention to take over the world thing might have been a bit premature.

Another thing that I seem to be seriously bereft of premonitions about is that if that I request things in the comments section, not a soul will reply. In light of that, everybody use the comments section to request the directions my thoughts should take in order to make musical stuff happen.

The Concrete : 'cos you were expecting

a picture of one of the blokes, right?