Thursday, January 05, 2006


The downside of MySpace is that you get dozens of bands cold-calling you so in the end your friend request box ends up full of the unlikely assertion that 'Terry & The Idiots would like to be your friend'. Terry doesn't really want to be your friend. Terry's just out for himself. And as if The Idiots care. They're Idiots.

The beauty of it is that should you find out about A NEW BAND elsewhere and their website has a link to their MySpace page - you can actually hear them in all their glory. Smashing.

Allow me to digress for a moment. You can't really stop me - it's my blog.

When you're surrounded by post-emo bands that couldn't find a tune in The Brill Building on one side and whinging, dull, lifeless singer-songwriters on the other your best bet is to hunt down some good old fashioned power-pop. But what is it you want from your power-pop?

You either want it to be from the USA in the early 1970s... OR around today, country-tinged, Scottish and in love with Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Melody, Harmony and CHORUSES.

Go and find out all about The Hazey Janes here, then go and hear them on MySpace. 'Your Enemy' is like a trashier take on the Teenage Fannies' 'Star Sign' and is utterly glorious. I love it when new stuff happens. By accident.

The Hazey Janes : Unfair Funfair Affair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have you heard the 1990s? Very Jonathan Richmond

2:48 PM  
Anonymous pauly said...

myspace ALWAYS plays music automatically when you go to any page, but when I go to this page and I want to hear it - silence. What's going on? I blame you.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Gaz said...

They have different songs up today. 'Your Enemy' is still there, tho'. They've taken one down called 'After All' that was really good.

They're playing The Borderline next Tuesday, Pauly. You could have gone if you still went out ever.

Where do I find the 1990s (i know, the punchline is "In your record collection, Gaz")? If I wait long enough will they try and add me on MySpace?

5:53 PM  
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