Friday, January 06, 2006


Having ventured out to the shops at seven-thirty this morning I was confronted by either The Sun or The Star (I didn't bother to check which, 'cos it really makes no difference) showing the desperate faces of this year's Celebrity Big Brother contestants. In amongst the chancers and C-listers, I noticed a couple of chancers and D-listers.

Preston from The Ordinary Boys and 'Maggot' from Goldie Lookin' Chain. Why? You tell me. I'm tempted to tune in just to see if either of them takes Jodie Marsh roughly against some bins, but I think I can resist.

The good news is that for at least a couple of weeks you're safe to venture out without running into an Ordinary Boys or a GLC (no... not Ken Livingstone's old council) gig. I just wish that the show's producers had contacted me - I could have filled that house about 40 times over with bands that I wanted out of the way.

UPDATE : I couldn't resist nipping over to The Ordinary Boys' Website (I would have gone to the Goldie Lookin' Chain site, but was fearful of the amount of my ribs that would inevitably crack from simply taking it all in) to see how the kidz on their forum were justifying it. In their defence, the majority of them are mystified, the rest of them are much too busy telling the newbies on the board to fuck off. There's an interesting official statement on the front page explaining the Preston's reasoning including this bit :

"I'm going in because the lines between alternative and mainstream are so blurred,this is the final taboo... plus they phoned me up and asked me and if I said no I would be a bitter old man".

Ignoring all of the blurry lines/taboo bullshit for one moment, I think I can understand the last bit, the appeal of the unknown and all that. However, I want an apology when you come out of there, sunshine - what's wrong with being a bitter old man, exactly?


Anonymous Pauly said...

maggot 2 win!!!!!11! The stuff on the glc site is alright. I hear that this has more or less broken up the ordinary boys though, the rest of the band are not at all down with what Preston's done. Is it right that Preston is his surname, and his first name is Samuel? That's a nice traditional name.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Gaz said...

yeah, when i was rooting around the ordinary boys forum trying to pass my self off as 15 and hook up with underage chix a lot of them were going on about some 'Sam' character. i had to assume it was his first name.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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