Friday, January 06, 2006


I apologise, I really can't be arsed to do a round up of the albums and gigs that were the best of 2005. No scratch that - I'll compromise. There's one award and in the manner of every other PAID music critic this year it seems...

We'll call it the 'I Look Ill Rolling Stone Magazine Best Album of The Eighties Goes To London Calling Oopsy Might Want To Have Checked The Sleeve On That One Album Of 2005'. And it goes to...

...for their 2004 classic...

...The Arcade Fire and 'Funeral'! Congratulations! We go over via live satellite link to the band who are being presented with one of my old football trophies by who else? Fucking Bono! "Mr Bono?! Mr Vox?? Would you care to say a few words on behalf of yet another perfectly decent band that you're ruining for everybody?"

I might do my predictions in a couple of days time. Keep checking back.


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