Tuesday, January 10, 2006


David Ford, Meandervent and Lucy Day are to be found singing for their lives at The Victoria Inn (meet at 1900 hours sharp by the sewer grate at the back of the council house. All attendees shall be administered with a balaclava and must hand over their mobile phones until the success of the mission is assured. Former Marines and outlawed members of the A-Team will guide all present through an underground maze of shitty tunnels leading to the upstairs toilet of the venue itself. Due to time constraints minors in attendance shall be required to climb out through the taps in the sink. Waterproofs recommended) in Derby tonight. £4 advance/presumably more on the door.

I don't know what David Ford is like (I've heard him and not a single aspect of it has remained in my memory) but the picture on the poster has him playing harmonica, so let's assume there's an acoustic guitar in tow, shall we? That name - ominously close to David Gray, innit? So - Bob Dylan copyist missing by a country mile, then. Hang on, I don't even like Bob Dylan, so - Woody Guthrie copyist missing by an even wider margin than Bob Dylan.

Meandervent sound like (according to another poster) 'piano genius like PJ Harvey', which is unfortunate for PJ Harvey 'cos as a rule she sticks to guitar. What I think they mean is 'piano genius. Sounds like PJ Harvey', which probably ignores quite a lot of other influences. Tori Amos is one, as is Big Gay Rufus.

Lucy Day's blurb says 'Hey there, I am a girl from Derbyshire who picked up an acoustic guitar around four years ago and hasn't put it down yet'. Must make loads of stuff impractical that. Like showering, unless she...
DAY : The Vic, Tonight.