Saturday, October 29, 2005


Though it's conspicuously absent from either the Bzangy or White Town websites, Jyoti Mishra is making his first live appearance in about a hundred years this evening.

If you want to attend, you're really going to have to rush, cos it's in Gothenburg (that's in Sweden!) at Cosy Den. You'll be needing transport to Stansted Airport and two wings and a prayer to get a cheap Ryanair flight at this time.

Going with him are Bigg Rich from Mascot Fight/You Slut! (guitars and drooling) and Robbie from Plans and Apologies (sound and rubbing lustily against unsuspecting Scandanavians).

Of course, both are there in a purely professional capacity, and the fact that Robbie pointed me in the direction of these photos on the Cosy Den website three weeks ago is mere coincidence.

Cosy 'Dirty' Den : Run, Scandoes, Run!


Anonymous Mattias said...

As fast as our legs can carry us.
We'll be in Denmark tomorrow.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Robwert said...

Rich done bagged a scando!

11:54 PM  
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