Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's been a bit blokecentric here recently so I thought I'd draw attention to any subconscious misogyny and exacerbate the matter by giving special treatment to our friends, those ladies of the female persuasion. Y'know - as though they need help existing.

Patti Smith is re-releasing 'Horses' with an extra disc of the same album played live in it's entirety. November 8th, apparently.

If you don't already own it, obviously, shame on you and all that - you've had thirty years to get hold of a copy. My advice to those who aren't really bothered (like me) about the live album tagged onto it to hoof the price up a bit is that you should go and buy the remaining copies of the single album NOW before the shops hide them. I'm sure you can get it for about £7-8 or so.

In grrrrl news, Sleater-Kinney have had to cancel their European tour in November as "Carrie Brownstein has had two extreme allergic reactions recently, both causing trips to the ER" and "Her doctor has advised that she not travel/tour for prolonged periods of time until the condition stabilizes and further tests are conducted."

Which actually sounds serious and makes the joke I was going to do about one of the symptoms being that it made her voice sound all wobbly even more insensitive. Though I think I've got the wrong singer.

As for Derby Women's Things - I got an email yesterday to tell me that Meandervent are playing at The Flowerpot on Sunday as part of The Sunday Club gig there. Running order and times:

Public Display Of Affection 10.00-10.30
Transit Cop 9.15-9.45
Daddy Rough 7.45-8.15
Easy Green 7.00-7.30

Admission is £4 or £3 with a flyer. £2 in a nice new dress to cheer you up. £1 with a flutter of the eyelashes or a saucy wink.


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