Thursday, October 27, 2005


Derby's Hunting for Teeth night is three today. Awww.

Get yourself to Susumi on The Wardwick and give it cards and presents. It's upstairs, but if you're feeling peckish nip into the downstairs bit first and get AUTHENTIC Japanese food cooked by a GENUINE Ghurka who HONESTLY thinks there's still a war on. That said, I'm not sure if Susumi still do food, nor am I convinced that Ghurkas are Japanese.

Anyways, upstairs admission is £3, and you shall get for your money:

Johnny Domino - Superb GOOD Art Rock. Traces of The Fall.

Dr Coca Cola McDonald's - Moo from Twinkie's deranged & as-yet-unprosecuted comedy turn. Traces of undiagnosed mental illness.

The Pop Pirates - (it says here) "Zombie personas, the songs of Grease and Saturday night fever played on old organs, chanters, penny whistles, ukeleles and other ridiculous musical paraphenalia and probably some improv along the way". Traces of someone's side-project.

There's the offer of £2 admission if you turn up as a Zombie. Which is all well and good, but I wouldn't in that part of the City, four days before it ACTUALLY is Halloween.


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