Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Arctic Monkeys new single 'I bet tha looks smashing down t'disco' or whatever it's called has somehow managed to go straight in at number ONE in the proper, long-trousered pop charts. Early reports that there's been some kind of mix-up with the barcodes can't yet be confirmed.

Even more implausible is that it outsold the new McFly single, which managed a paltry nuber three placing. McFly can be found this evening kicking their manager's arse all the way round Hyde Park.

That singer bloke has gone on record as saying "Bye 'eck, I'm chuffed".

EDIT : And do you know, their album has been leaked onto the internet. Now whoever could have done that...?

I've got the link, but I won't put it up here. Is there a single word that means 'In the interests of legality and good taste'?


Blogger Pauly said...

everything they've done has been on their official site at some point or other I think... this is what the Goldie Lookin' Chain did too.

9:42 AM  

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