Saturday, October 22, 2005


This might be a first! I'm in the process of downloading Tom Vek's CC (You Set the Fire in Me) single, and I've decided to review it as I hear it for the first time.

Why? Because for one, Tom Vek looks like my mate Daz from You Slut! and for twice, Doddsy from Mascot Fight thinks that that particular song sounds like Cable (Derby's second finest band ever. Ahem. You're no-one from here unless I was once in your band...). For triplets, Junkmedia has compared it to Joe Jackson (of "Is She Really Going Out With Him" fame) and I've just got to hear a song that sounds like Joe Jackson and/or Cable. I bet they're all WRONG. Let's see...

It might just be me but when something starts downloading at 78KB/s I start to get excited AND suspicious at the same time...

Right. It's in.

The verse sounds a bit Cable-y vocally. Instrumentally, it sounds like a man playing Organ with his head. And they've farted around with the drums, they sound a bit distorted. It's all a bit drawn out for me now...

It's over. Hmmm. I think what Doddsy Mascot Fight and Junkmedia have overlooked is that it's a bit rubbish. Heaven only knows why Daz Slut! wants to look like him.

I'm glad I didn't buy it. Thank the merry Gods above for P2P networks.

I might do more live reviews of recordings. It's easy, and it takes up a lot of space just to say that something isn't much kop.


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