Thursday, October 20, 2005


It shouldn't happen really, as I'm the only one who writes this BUT I'm caving in to grief from Ms Holly Johnson (so many jokes, so little server space in the world) to inform you that The Sons are playing at the Water Rats, King's Cross, London on Saturday (22nd). There's a coach/minibus/convoy of cars that don't look like they'll get there and back. If there are places left then I heard it was going to cost £10 including gig entry.

They're playing with Supersmile and Souther Still, the DJs are Auntie Rhyme and Uncle Reason, which ruins the alliteration horribly.

If you want to go and you want transport why don't you email Holly at - there you see, Holl, you bully me and your work email ends up on the internet. EDIT: 'cept that clearly isn't your work email anymore since you made me change it. this is NO FUN.

If you don't want transport get yourself over to The Water Rats in King's Cross on Saturday. At least you don't have to wade through all of the dealers, pimps, hookers and Pete Doherty's mates anymore. They've moved them on.


Blogger life_of_holly said...

I can't believe you caved so easily! You might want to mention a certain Halloween Extravaganza too......? Muhahahaha.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Gazthatch said...

Why would I do that? That's miiiiiiles away yet.

8:13 PM  

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