Tuesday, October 18, 2005


While the great, big, jurassic record labels thrash around in the dark trying to figure out how to cope with seven-year old children outsmarting them on computers and stealing their wares, ex-Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli has nipped in the back door and bypassed the need for record company OR distributor, selling his music directly to independent record stores. That's an impressive leap from a conventional 12% artist royalty to the full 100% of sell-through price. Today high-school rumours that Greg paid no attention whatsoever in maths finally came to a halt.

The Billboard article contains no response from the old guard of the music industry but when it eventually arrives, expect it to translate loosely as "But that's not fair! We don't like this anymore!".

Greg Dulli, laughing : Bank not pictured.


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