Saturday, October 15, 2005


Junkmedia report that Billboard report that Franz Ferdinand's second album sold 81,000 copies in the U.S in the week of it's release. Good for them.

Any week now I'm anticipating that issue of the NME where the band are on the cover photographed in front of something iconically American (Statue of Liberty, The Alamo, Mount Rushmore, Route 66 roadsign) with the strapline "Franz Ferdinand Take America", and a story playing up the 'mayhem' surrounding their U.S gigs in venues one-tenth of the size of the places they're accustomed to.

I could name so many bands who've been the subject of this EXACT same copy of the NME. I'm convinced they dust down an old word document and search and replace the names.

The whole thing fools no-one. I've no idea what the point they're attempting to illustrate is beyond 'we told you this band were good, and now LOOK - they're even good in America'. No fashionable UK indie exports easily to the U.S - the thinking being that 'they just don't get it', which is of course misleading, the truth is 'they're just not bothered'.

We have an easier time of sending our unfashionable stuff out there. Ask Chris Martin. How he must cry himself blind at the NME's cruel jibes as he flips Gwyneth over for another go.


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