Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Now that Tony and his boys have more time on their hands while George decides which oil-rich nation of little brown people to devastate next, it seems they've put a plan into action to assist pale young boys with their 7 inchers.

It's difficult to say whether this is a good or a bad thing. It's encouraging that someone somewhere in power realises that over the last 25+ years it's the independents that have saved the UK music industry's arse too many times to count without taking their shoes and socks off. Or at least, there's a kind of tacit acknowledgement that small labels have proved extremely lucrative as a talent pool for the entertainments divisions of giant, lumbering, arms manufacturing corporations.

My honest feeling is that the whole thing is best left alone. Inevitably, the focus will fall on the financial aspect of the business. Which, as anyone that's ever had a passing interest in homegrown record labels knows has never been the point. As a general rule these things are run as a labour of love, and usually at a loss to those who start them. Ironically, in this instance, a great many of them are funded by civil service salaries.

Still it's worth reading the article, if only to discover that we actually have a minister for music in this country. And it's always funny to hear politicians talk about rock n roll.

"Wooh! Yeah! You people by the filing cabinets!
are ya havin' a GOOD TIME?!"


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