Sunday, October 09, 2005


Sad to hear this week that Sultans of Ping have reformed. Originally the results of a fresher's week party gone Dada their not-short-enough career blazed a trail that was by turns novelty, hugely irritating and desperate. Solely remembered for their single 'Where's me jumper?' they hung around for a number of years after it's limited success like a bad family secret.

Unfortunately, there are those here who remember them changing their name from 'Sultans of Ping FC' to 'Sultans of Ping' as some kind of misguided, death-throes attempt to be taken more seriously. A novelty act trying to get taken seriously? it's like when the best looking singer from a recently split boyband makes their solo album for 'a more mature audience'. Only with a traffic cone on his head.

Since the news I've tried to gauge whether the Sultans or Goldie Lookin' Chain are a more traumatic experience to live through to limited success. I'm going to need a customised DeLorean and a sphygmomanometer for this one.

In Derby music news, I went to see Plans and Apologies' gig at the Heritage (nee Pennine) Hotel last night. Strange venue, the band played very well, as ever. Though when the concierge asked if I was there for the drum n bass night, it took all of my willpower not to reply "And guitar and keyboards. And singy-man".

P&A (l-r): Miikhul Promark Dastardly, Wilson Pleasant, Alfie Pintsworth,
Truman True, Mallard the Wonderdog, Talcum Buffalo, DJ Beatzley.


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