Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Jet over to Sheffield to drool lovingly at the gorgeous knicker warmers (well, Miikhul and David) in Plans and Apologies who are playing with Balor Knights and Fury of the Headteachers at The Grapes, Trippet Lane (M1 North, off at Junction 33, follow signs to City Centre, drive around for an hour or so 'cos it's SUCH a bastard to find, single out locals that have the navigational skills of the average moth and ask them, turn engine off, cry). Don't know how much that one is.

The Victoria Inn has The Thieves (not David McAlmont's old band), Termites (probably best they knock the place down then. Boom, boom, Mr Roy!) and Girl Fell Dead (who have apparently split up, arrive late to avoid disappointment). All for £3.

However, the kool kidz know that on Tuesdays the plan is as follows. Go to The Dolphin and win the pop quiz by a country mile, sprint off to The Bless for Jyoti's Bzangy night then finally stagger legless over to Screamadelica to make a damn fool of yourself. All free admission.


Anonymous gazthatch said...

having said that, I'm a dirty liar, cos me and Danny Johnson are about to clear off to Sheffield. ROAD TRIP!

4:53 PM  

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