Monday, October 24, 2005


It's not that it's real news - it's just that by now you think he'd know better. Thom Yorke echoes the sentiments of everyone, everywhere:

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has given an update on their new album - and joked that sessions are going so badly the band are "washed up".
Do go on...

He said: "It is the end of our two week session. We're splitting up its all shit. We're washed up. Finished."
And only several years after the thought occured to the rest of us as well...
And there were moments that stick in my head when I went 'TUNE!'

Presumably, the quote got cut off before he could complete it. My money's on "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TUNE?".

Then he has to go and spoil it all by admitting that he's 'joking'.


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