Thursday, October 27, 2005


Due to further, albeit imagined, pressure from that Holly Johnson (not THAT Holly Johnson) I'm forced to write about the You're So Old Street night a day early.

In conjunction with Must Destroy Music they're holding a Halloween party (early, just like everyone else this year. If any of my friends are reading this I *am* available to 'remember, remember, the 3rd of November' next week) on Friday 28th October.

Print : Flyer

Do dress up 'cos Gail, Holly and Sarah (the YSOS types) are all very excited about the costumes. I've been banned from going in my traditional minimalist Halloween attire. Sadly, my other idea of wearing Army fatigues and a balaclava isn't all that advisable in the centre of London while the cops are still a bit shooty.


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you could really pull out all the humour stops, like xsjerry here...

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