Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hunting for Teeth has moved from it's old regular night of last Thursday of the month to it's new regular night of last Tuesday of the month and so, y'know, applying logic and all that, it means that the first of it's new outings is tonight. It's still at Susumi on the Wardwick, they've not moved it two doors up or anything. Though it would be interesting if they started hosting it in Debenhams after the store has shut. East Midlands based pedants might want to use the comments section to point out that "*that's* not two doors away".

But enough of my yackin'... tonight you can go and see:

Kevin Hewick - Singer/Songwriter

Frankie Machine - Singer/Songwriter

Condensed Soup - Light Inexpensive Snack.

£3 admission. Door open at 8pm.


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