Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Early news this cos Arab Strap are due to play an instore set at Reveal Records in Derby at 1pm today.

The last instore this year of an impressive run at Reveal that has included Brendan Benson, Laura Veirs, Maximo Park, Rammstein and The Glenn Miller Orchestra. Subject to change/disappearance.

So if you happen to be accosted by a drunken Scotsman shouting about his sexual indiscretions this afternoon, you might have taken a wrong turning and ended up at The Padley Centre on Becket Street. Have a quick look round, if you're surrounded by racks of CDs and Vinyl and stuff - you're at the gig. Just step back from him a bit and don't make eye contact.
Arab Strap : Photo by Mick Rock.


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