Friday, November 18, 2005


Human car-crash Courtney Love's nearly ready to inflict another album on the world, and this time all of the song titles sound like user names on MySpace.

It's really not looking promising, 'cos two of her current favourites are Kings of Leon and The Duke Spirit. It's funny, you'd presume that someone who'd married Kurt Cobain might be able to spot the genuine article quite easily, wouldn't you?

If you were to throw your wet laundry into Kurt's grave right now, it'd have 'em dry in a couple of minutes.

* - Does anybody but me actually remember Courtney Love the band?
Courtney Love, the band :
Uncrushworthy sleeve. Proves nothing.


Anonymous Leigh...xx said...


I too own that seven-inch! I curiously purchased it as a basketfiller for K Record's "free shipping over $20" malarkey in the 90's.

And judging by yr scan, my copy's creased in EXACTLY the same place too. Those fat-handed Seattle envelope-stuffers...

I'll take yr Courtney Love EP and raise you a Sally Skull EP on Vesuvius...

Muchos propos


10:06 PM  
Blogger jbreitling said...

Jad Fair drives women wild. That's my favorite Courtney Love jam.

3:02 PM  

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