Thursday, November 17, 2005


Go to The Mist on Normanton Road for the first time in six months like the rest of us for an intimate audience with Mascot Fight, Constanza and Biba tonight. Free Admission, as far as I can remember.

Constanza are Leigh Dawber from Mexico 86 and Chris from Mexico 86 (again, I think). Chris achieved legendary status around these parts when he once punched the singer from The Zutons. I'm not condoning violence but if, as happened to Chris, the singer from The Zutons is giving you hassle on a night out in Liverpool with your mates about YOUR BAND (he came up with The Zutons!) then the right thing to do is to punch him.

Biba are Matt and James, of which Matt also plays in Mascot Fight. Pete, formerly of Mascot Fight, is back for one night only playing in Mascot Fight. Again.

Derby's like London in that respect. It's just so big, that you never really get to know anyone...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was probably our most incestuous gig yet. Also me and Leigh went to John Flamsteed School so we're probably cousins too.

Tom J

2:38 PM  

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