Monday, November 28, 2005


Galaxie 500 have released a Peel Sessions album. It seems to be a bit heavy on the cover versions, but then their cover versions were always really good. Remember, this is the band that made Yoko Ono sound like she had musical talent when they re-worked and improved beyond all imagination her song 'Listen, the Snow is Falling'.

If you've never heard Galxie 500, but tend to like minimalist-yet-songy guitar music with quite a bit of a Velvets influence, you'd probably be better off getting 'On Fire' first, or 'This is Our Music' first. Or 'Today', now that I think of it. So, yep, there's a new Galaxie 500 CD out, but don't buy it - get their other ones. I knew there was a point I was coming to.
Galaxie 500 : Non-essential listening.


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