Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Just when I thought this was the slowest week for music since cavemen were going around beating stretched animal hides with those clubs that all cavemen have in cartoons your whole world gets thrown on it's head and FMB reform.

FMB* were one of the subjects of what was perhaps the first reality TV music programme 'Next Big Thing'. As it turned out, they were entirely laughable and a resounding failure. Of course, nowadays reality telly programme makers have honed the formula to a fine art.

I actually saw FMB at The Wherehouse in Derby solely on the grounds that I had to go to see what their gigs were like. If they do tour again, I'm going to see them then as well. For precisely the same reasons.

I can't help but feeling, though, that someone ought to take Roger Griffiths to one side and point out that as a musician that's come into money it's his duty to actually leave his band and tell them what he really thinks of them. He's the first one in history to reform his old outfit.

The Fraggle revival starts here.

* - Debate failed to rage across the country at the time as to whether FMB stood for Fuck My Boots or Fucking Monkey Bollocks. We may yet find out. Smashing.


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BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Old bastards

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