Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Normally the words 'Frank Black announces...' result in me breaking out in a cold sweat and reading no further, but just this once I faced my fears head on to discover that he's amongst those contributing to an album of classic songs from 'classic' teen movies.

In a less than curious quirk of fate there's someone else on there covering 'Wave of Mutilation' by his old new band.

Perhaps more worth looking forward to is John Strohm (from out of the Blake Babies) doing a version of 'Somebody's Baby' by Jackson Browne. Which of course grants me the opportunity to post a picture of The Blake Babies.

Blake Babies : Left - Juliana Hatfield, never had her t--t feeled*.

* - That's right. With a drummer called Freda Boner, I go for a joke about Juliana Hatfield's surname.


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